Case studies

Smarter solutions for a healthier workplace.


Community members participated together in team-based program designed to boost activity levels. Overall activity increased by 15%. Average daily number of steps increased most among sedentary users (+40%!).

At Novartis

Withings Pulses were integrated into the Company in-house wellness program to drive engagement, foster team building and enhance digital culture among employees.


partnered with Withings for the global "Track your Health Campaign" aimed at raising awareness among employees. They benefited from exclusive rates on the Pulse. An international wellness program was organized to promote healthy communities.


More than 500 employees suffering from hypertension enrolled in a hypertension management program managed by trusted third party Abacus Health. Using the Withings Blood Pressure Cuff, the program was designed to improve compliance and healthcare outcomes.

At Optum

Participants enrolled in a weight management program designed to improve healthcare outcomes.

At Axa

customers from this health plan were invited to join a 4-week steps challenge. Those that walked more than 10 000 steps a day on average were offered vouchers for wellness services (eg: massages).

At Goldcorp

The global mining company offered employees the chance to enroll in a team-based program with the Withings Pulse, to boost activity levels and increase healthcare outcomes.

Obesity Week Charity Challenge

The "Steps for Change" campaign allowed Withings users to walk more than 100M steps against child obesity, generating $10000 in donation to the ChildObesity180 charity.

Superbowl challenge

Fans of the 2014 Superbowl finalists were offered the chance to walk for their favorite team in a national steps challenge.

Leading pharmaceutical company

During the course of an innovations seminar, Withings equiped global R&D staff with activity trackers, managed in-app branded animation, sent out a survey within the Withings app and crossed answers with activity levels for smarter analysis.

Industry leader in 3D modelling

Senior management staff from around the world gathered in Madrid for an annual seminar. They engaged in an exclusive steps challenge that gave them the opportunity to share a fun and healthy digitial experience.