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The Healthiest Workplaces in the UK

An exclusive study conducted based on 2,500 smart device users

  • The Withings Corporate Wellness 360° Study discloses rankings of the healthiest jobs and industries in the UK. The data highlights strong links between physical activity, stress and satisfaction at work.
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Measuring Work-Related Stress & Taking Action to Reduce It

Taking a data-driven approach to stress, we looked at how stress in the workplace can be measured and what employers can do about it.

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How Smart Devices Are Changing Corporate Wellness

The connected health revolution is hitting the workplace too. Smart devices are not just more engaging, they create a data- driven approach to corporate wellness.

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Corporate Wellness 360° - The healthiest workplaces in the UK

Physical activity is the singlest best medicine for the body and the mind. And it affects your ability to cope in the workplace, both professionally and socially.

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How Smart Data Can Help Keep Employees And Corporations Healthy

Cedric Hutchings takes his pen for Forbes, detailing how smart devices now allow wellness managers to target their efforts on those that need it the most, thanks to new data-driven approaches.

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Is Work-Related Stress Making Your Company Sick?

In this Forbes contribution, Withings details study results highlighting the close links between workstress, sleep, weight and physical activity, offering simple means to make your company healthier.

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Boardroom To Bedroom: Should Your Boss 'Watch' You While You Sleep?

In this new Forbes contribution, Cedric Hutchings explains how Withings Health Institute Researchers measured the toll that works takes on our sleep, and what wellness programs can do to improve employee sleep while protecting privacy.

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